Garlicky Greens

Buy a nice dark green bunch or two of curly leaf kale (it looks big but it cooks way down, and you can strut to the checkout with leaves spilling over your basket).

Pull the leaves off of the center stem, tearing into pieces as you go. Wash and dry really well (the dry leaves are what make this recipe work – damp ones wilt too fast). You can leave them out for a bit to air dry, or spread out and roll in a towel. If they’re from a farmer’s market, sometimes I throw caution to the wind and skip the bath. Live dangerously.

In a big pot, heat up a teaspoon or two of olive oil and add the kale. Toss it around to spread the oil somewhat evenly – tongs work really well for this.

Then let it sit. Resist the urge to keep moving it – it needs to sear on the bottom for a good couple of minutes.

After a couple of minutes on medium-high, stir it around once, and let it sit and sear again. Don’t move it.

Here’s the quick final step – have the stuff you need right by the pot: crush on a clove or two of garlic, stir to spread it out among the leaves, add a tablespoon of water, cover, and turn the heat off.

Let it sit for 3 or 4 minutes (or longer’s fine, too), until it’s wilted, but still bright green. Salt to taste, and enjoy.