It's really hard to balance everything, and it makes sense if you've lost touch with your health along the way. I'd be honored to help you get it back.

It happened while you were busy with other things. Maybe you're carrying extra weight, but there’s more to it than that – low energy, stress, maybe some more serious symptoms. Bottom line: when it comes to food and exercise, you feel pretty out of control and discouraged.

How do you get the easy kind of health – no diets, no deprivation, no pumped-up willpower needed? I mean, if you know what’ll make you feel better, why can’t you consistently do it? Honestly, it can make a person feel crazy. I’ve been there, too. (You’re not crazy, you’re human.)

This is what I do. I help people sort out the tangles and blocks so they get humming-along healthy and feel like themselves again. Including chocolate.

Take a look at my three programs, and then if you’d like, email me with questions or to get started. (I work both in person and by phone.)

Monthly Support

Meeting on a month-to-month basis is both a way in to coaching - if you know you’d benefit but want to keep the commitment wide open - and it’s a way forward - if you’ve finished a program and want to hold progress steady or explore some new turf. Easy peasy - me and you for an hour as often as you’d like with an agenda that's all you. $75 per session

Mind and Body Reboot

It’s happened again – the holidays, a vacation, or maybe a season of eating less than mindfully has led you off your path. Too much sugar, alcohol, and general indulging has brought you to a place you don’t want to stay. You feel sluggish, puffy, bloated. Cravings are back and yelling loudly. A few extra pounds are threatening to stick around too long.

This is my scripted quick-start program, with lots of structure combined with free choice. I provide more than just the what to do to kick start your health, I make sure you’re 100% clear on your why so that your motivation is solid the whole way through. And it’s not just about food - I’ll get you moving and managing stress in ways that feel great and multiply your results.

Here’s what my clients enjoy after the Reboot:

  • weight loss (at least a few pounds, and maybe a whole bunch)
  • better digestion, no bloat, no cranky symptoms
  • quieted sugar cravings and the drive to snack, snack, snack
  • better sleep, more energy and feel more clear-headed
  • increased ability to make choices when eating is not about hunger

There are two different ways to do it, but either way you get unlimited email support throughout, and I’ll give you my book “Leaves + Twigs”, which is 100+ pages of easy recipes, ideas, and nutrition info.

1. Two Weeks: You + Me  We’ll start with a full 90 minute session so you feel clear and ready to start. Then on day 14, we’ll spend another hour or so to celebrate, review how it went, and plan ahead. In between, I’ll be in touch via email to cheer you on. $175

2. Back on Track in 90 Days  Your instinct tells you that a longer ramp on and off would make the Reboot work the best for you. There’s more to figure out around your food habits than just two weeks will allow, and you want to take full advantage of this chance to make some shifts. You and I will meet twice before it starts, twice for your Reboot, and then three times after, for a total of 7 one-hour sessions. $525 (three payments of $175 each)

Six-Month Transformation

This program is a 101 class in The Care and Keeping of You, and should be required if you have a human body. We’ll talk about food, nutrition, movement, relaxation, emotional eating, self-sabotage, and how to take care of yourself - have fun (yes!) without pangs of guilt. We’ll also talk about you - how you got where you are, and how to gently shift, through acceptance, not will. We’ll break down big, overwhelming goals into steps that leave you saying “I can do that!”.

As a result of this program, you’ll:

  • experience weight loss with no counting calories, grams or points
  • feel clear-headed and more optimistic
  • understand and be able to separate from automatic emotional eating
  • notice a reduction in chronic symptoms and conditions
  • learn and practice new, easy (delicious!) recipes and foods
  • feel the pleasure of having focused JUST ON YOU for a change

Every two weeks, spread over six months, we’ll meet for an hour long session. (Total of 12.) Plus I’m available for emails anytime. No need to wait for support.

You’ll get a binder (remember shopping for school supplies? the best!) with a copy of my book, “Leaves + Twigs” so you have 100+ pages of recipes and meal ideas that are simple and tasty. Plus I'll share resources each session for you to keep.  $900 ($150 a month for six months)

Ready to take the next step? Click here to send me an email.

Here are some questions I've heard along the way. I hope the answers help you, too.

Sounds great, but I just can’t afford this right now.

I believe in what I do because I’ve seen it work. Do you know what’s really expensive? Not taking care of your health. Being ill. Missing work, prescriptions, doctor visits. I believe that being well is the cheapest and most generous investment you can make for yourself and everyone who loves you.

How do I know if I’ll like being coached?

The most successful coaching clients are open and ready to try new things, and be out of their comfort zone a little. Change can be uncomfortable, but also so liberating. If you struggle with clarity, consistency or motivation, I think you’ll find that being coached is just the ticket.

Is this a diet?

It’s definitely not. Diets are designed to succeed short term, and then fail. Then you blame yourself, not the diet. It's the worst. Instead, I teach you, at your pace, about making shifts that feel doable and invite in health naturally over time. It's much simpler and kinder than a diet, honestly. And more permanent.

Do I have to eat kale, seeds and nuts all day?

No way! Yes, veggies and other nutrient dense foods will become a bigger part of your meals, because of what they do inside you. But you don’t have to eat anything you don’t like, and you don’t have to give up anything either. There are as many ways to be wildly healthy as there are people.

For the long program: why every other week, and why six months?

If I gave you the whole course at once, it would be too much to have any impact. Two weeks go quickly, giving you a chance to practice stuff before we meet again. Each time, you’ll leave with a new action list, and we’ll build on that as we go.

Are you going to ask me to give up foods that I like?

Nope! Nothing’s forbidden. We start with awareness, never rules. Your cravings, habits and tastes will shift naturally, without even a hint of control or forbidden foods.

How quickly will I lose weight, and how much will I lose?

Weight loss happens as a result of taking care of yourself. How much and how fast is not the main focus, and there's no way to predict that part. There are many, many ways to measure health, and I can say that you’ll feel better fast, and the weight loss will happen as it happens.

What’s a session with you like?

One on one support is powerful. I think we’re all hungry for that in our busy lives. I have two main goals: to introduce you to food, nutrition and lifestyle habits that optimize your health, and to support you around your specific triggers and blocks, to untangle the causes, and create the freedom to move past them.

What other parts of my life are you referring to besides food?

We live in a culture that likes to specialize. But until we step back, we miss how things connect and overlap. Food choices are tied tightly to how we feel emotionally, so trying to change one without the other doesn’t work. If you had a tack in your shoe and it hurt, it would be like taking an aspirin, or not walking anymore, rather than taking the tack out. You're a whole person, not just a body that eats food.