There are a few ways we can work together to get you closer to living in that healthy bod you want. My goal is to firm up what you KNOW, and align it with what you WANT and what you DO. Zero restrictions, zero judgement. That's the zone where health rushes in. 

Point A to Point B

Feel like you can't get there from here? You really want better health and balance, and you try really hard (or at least you try to try!), but there's something in the way, turning you back, taking over your best intentions, or stopping you from that next step. I promise, you're not weak or broken. There's a good reason, and we'll shift it out of your way together. Maybe it's the "how": information about food and nutrition. (You get a copy of my book "Leaves+Twigs" as a start. Or maybe the "why": you can't stay motivated or do what you want to do. Together, we'll find you some long overdue freedom from all that friction. $75 per one hour session (your first session is $75 for up to 90 minutes).

Deeper Dive

A 101 class in The Care and Keeping of You, this is the owners manual that should come with a human body. We’ll talk about food, nutrition, movement, relaxation, emotional eating, self-sabotage, and how to take care of yourself, have fun (yes!) without pangs of guilt. We’ll also talk about you - how you got where you are, and how to gently shift, through acceptance, not struggle. We’ll break down big, overwhelming goals into steps that leave you saying “I can do that!”.

Every two weeks, spread over six months, we’ll meet for an hour long session. (Total of 12.) I’m also available for emails anytime. You’ll get a copy of my book, “Leaves + Twigs” so you have lots of recipes and meal ideas that are simple and tasty. Plus I'll give you handouts on each topic we cover as we go along.  $900 ($150 a month for six months)

Kitchen Love

A corner to corner clean-out and restock. And hang on a sec, I can feel you cringing. But I swear, it can be really fun. I bring absolutely NO judgement, and you'll feel seriously better after this reset. For real - just think of the "after" picture, with maybe even a laugh or two along the way.

We'll plan a half day and go for it. I'll come over and we'll get into the fridge, freezer and pantry. While we're at it, well look in drawers and cabinets too, as it serves you. You can't scare me - the messier it is at the start, the more gratifying it is to finish.

The filter I use as we go through: is this serving me? my time, my health, my pleasure? If not, out it goes - no drama (well maybe a little drama, but that's okay too - I've got you). And after, we'll lay out a plan for what to bring back in to serve you today, no old stuff holding you back. You get a copy of my book "Leaves+Twigs" as a guide. $220 for 4 hours, additional hours if needed are $40 per hour

Do I hear a "heck, yea!" Or a "maybe I dunno"? Either way click here to connect with me.

And if it helps, here are some questions I've heard along the way.

Sounds great, but I just can’t afford this right now.

There are so many buckets that want filling, I know. I share as much free info here as I can. Check out the blog and recipe archives for inspiration. Email me if there's a burning question on your mind, and I'll share what I know. And keep in mind that not taking care of your health gets expensive in a hurry. Missing work, prescriptions, co-pays, procedures, deductibles. Adds up fast. I really do believe that getting and staying healthy is the most inexpensive investment you can make.

How do I know if I’ll like being coached?

The most successful coaching clients are open and ready to try new things, and be out of their comfort zone a little. Change can be uncomfortable, but also so liberating. If you struggle with clarity, consistency or motivation, I think you’ll find that being coached is just the ticket.

Is this a diet?

It’s definitely not. Diets are designed to succeed short term, and then fail. Then you blame yourself, not the diet. It's the worst. Instead, I teach you, at your pace, about making shifts that feel doable and invite in health naturally over time. It's much simpler and kinder than a diet, honestly. And more permanent.

Do I have to eat kale, seeds and nuts all day?

No way! Yes, veggies and other nutrient dense foods will become a bigger part of your meals, because of what they do inside you. But you don’t have to eat anything you don’t like, and you don’t have to give up anything either. There are as many ways to be wildly healthy as there are people.

For the long program: why every other week, and why six months?

If I gave you the whole course at once, it would be too much to have any impact. Two weeks go quickly, giving you a chance to practice stuff before we meet again. Each time, you’ll leave with a new action list, and we’ll build on that as we go.

Are you going to ask me to give up foods that I like?

Nope! Nothing’s forbidden. We start with awareness, never rules. Your cravings, habits and tastes will shift naturally, without even a hint of control or forbidden foods.

How quickly will I lose weight, and how much will I lose?

Weight loss happens as a result of taking care of yourself. How much and how fast is not the main focus, and there's no way to predict that part. There are many, many ways to measure health, and I can say that you’ll feel better fast, and the weight loss will happen as it happens.

What’s a session with you like?

One on one support is powerful. I think we’re all hungry for that in our busy lives. I have two main goals: to introduce you to food, nutrition and lifestyle habits that optimize your health, and to support you around your specific triggers and blocks, to untangle the causes, and create the freedom to move past them.

What other parts of my life are you referring to besides food?

We live in a culture that likes to specialize. But until we step back, we miss how things connect and overlap. Food choices are tied tightly to how we feel emotionally, so trying to change one without the other doesn’t work. If you had a tack in your shoe and it hurt, it would be like taking an aspirin, or not walking anymore, rather than taking the tack out. You're a whole person, not just a body that eats food.