Embarrassing but true:

I've always loved to clean out closets and organize stuff.



Seriously, ask any of my friends or family. I realize that's not a particularly common thing, so I'm joining the Marie Condo movement and adding a declutter/organizing service to GreenStartHealth. Feels like a natural for me, and I can't wait to dig in.

Health isn't just about what you eat or how much you exercise. You're truly healthiest when you're humming on all cylinders - food, movement, play, home and work all feeling in sync. And just as drinking lots of water and eating leafy greens can declutter your insides, bringing more clarity, energy and a feeling of physical lightness, the same thing happens at home when your rooms and spaces are clean, clear and in order.

Life doesn't make this easy, to say the least. Piles of books and papers, crammed closets and stuffed cabinets full of things you don't even know you have weigh you down as much as a double bacon cheeseburger with fries and a shake. It just seems to sort of happen as time goes along, getting more daunting every year. Help is here!


Let's chat and see how I can support you. Truly, the hardest part is shifting from wanting to do it, to actually starting, taking action. I'm here and ready to go - click here to send me an email.

Half day (4 hours) $250

Or lock in the momentum and save:

4 half days once a week (16 hours over 1 month) $925 ($75 savings)
6 half days once a month (24 hours over 6 months) $1350 ($150 savings)

We'll pick a room or a category and do it together with great care, humor and efficiency. It's absolutely not about getting rid of everything, it's about learning what serves you and what doesn't anymore. No drama, no guilt, just freedom and space.

  • clothes
  • books
  • toys/games/sports stuff
  • kitchen
  • storage - garage, attic, basement, shed/barn
  • bathrooms - including bedding and towels
  • home office/papers

Additional support:
Sometimes the hardest part are the piles after. Recycle, donate, sell or trash - I'll fill my wagon and do it for you. You can just stay home and enjoy the beautiful uncluttered view. $75 per carload

The only way to have done this is to do it. Wouldn't it feel great?