A Gift of Kindness and Fairness

Happy December! Maybe more than any other, this month finds us in lots of places in our minds, hearts, and bodies. It’s a roller coaster of excitement and overwhelm and often resignation until the resolutions of the new year. 

And you know me well enough to know that I’m going to put in a plug for that body of yours. I know it’s easy to push aside and ignore, but instead, I’m asking you to be more open to how your body’s feeling, ready with your toolbox loaded with kindness and fairness.

Here are the two questions you can ask your body every day, or even every hour:

1. Is there something that my body needs that it’s not getting? (And then give it.)

* Can I be more kind about what I’m giving my body: more water, rest, deep breaths, movement, or a big bowl of green leaves and veggies?

2. Is there something that my body doesn’t need that it is getting? (And then stop giving it.)

* Salty, oily, sugary food and alcohol, or maybe judgement and impatience ~~ can I be more fair about what I’m expecting to feel like based on what I’m choosing? Also, what’s my reaction to my body’s signals like low energy, bloat, achiness, trouble sleeping, intense cravings for unhealthy foods ~~ am I being fair in allowing the truth of those symptoms as my body’s only way of talking to me? Which brings you right back to question #1…

Simple, honest, but also sort of radical in this culture of treating symptoms/ignoring causes. My hope is that this practice guides you as you go hither and yon spreading love, and receiving as much joy as you can reach and soak in. 

For me, please let me take this moment to thank you for your openness, your attention, and your care. You’re a shining star, and I’m glad to have you to share with. Please let me know what your health goals and wishes are for 2018, and if I can help. I have some changes simmering on my GSH and life’s journey…. 

But for now, here’s to a healthy transition from ’17 to ’18! xo