For Real: How to Lose Weight

I’ve been in the nutrition and wellness world long enough to be convinced of this. I’ve seen it in myself, in my family and friends, and in my clients. And while I wish simplicity meant ease, we all know they’re not the same thing. This is a journey, one totally unique to you and your history. There’s really no finish line, just a practice of observing, learning, adjusting as we go. Thanks for being on your path alongside me.

1. Don’t focus on losing weight.

I know, this sounds ridiculous, but really - extra weight is a consequence of something else going on, and that’s where your attention should go first, while you leave the scale aside. What are the emotions, the beliefs, the drivers behind what you eat and when? This is not always comfortable to research and uncover, but until you resolve the blocks or twists in your thinking or feeling, the weight isn’t going anywhere, at least not for long. It’s there for a reason - the food is solving some other problem. Think of extra weight as a helpful arrow pointing to something else that you’re not aware of. Be very gentle, loving, and curious and you’ll find it. Then you can learn to address that real issue in a way that serves you better, and it’ll take as long as it takes. You have time, no need to rush this.

2. Learn what you need to about nutrition. Then step away from the headlines and hype.

It’s very simple, but it’s not presented that way. We’re told: carbs are good! Now they’re bad and protein is good! Oh wait, now I need to eat more fat?! Kale, turmeric, salmon, blueberries, nuts, and kombucha (what the heck even is that?). Paleo, vegan, gluten free. Of course the dairy industry will tell us that cheese is great for us. Milk does a body good. Of course the packaged food companies will brag about whatever health kick is trending (whole grains in rainbow colored goldfish crackers!). And doctors aren’t trained in wellness, they’re trained in managing conditions with pills and procedures, so of course that’s what they’ll suggest. It’s big, big business, and it’s all competing to grab your attention and your dollars. I suggest that instead, just get your cute rear end into the produce section where the truth about being healthy quietly welcomes you.

  • Headlines about protein, carbs and fats distract us, but the simple truth is that we need a lot more fiber in our diets. (Howdy, fruits and veggies. Beans, too.) Like a whole lot more than we’ve become used to. Go slowly while your digestion (happily in its time) adjusts.
  • We need to eat less animal foods. Not necessarily none, but a lot less than we’ve come to think of as “normal”. And the animal foods we do eat - beef, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese, milk - should be really high quality (and yes, expensive). Eat less of it. None is totally fine too. You can get enough fats and proteins from plant sources like nuts, seeds, and whole grains.
  • At long last, give up the junk completely - soda (diet or not), bottled drinks, chips, cookies, fried anything, packaged snacks, and all the high sugar/high white flour stuff. Yes it’s fun in your mouth - the crunch, salt, sugar, crisp - but it does you no good inside, so don’t send it into your precious body where it hurts. 

3. Weight loss will happen as a result of your choices.

No need to count or measure anything. Be mindful of everything you swallow, and why you chose it (see #1 and #2 above). Then you can lose weight BECAUSE you’re caring for yourself, rather than caring for yourself IF you first lose weight. See the difference? Care comes first, and reaching a healthy weight becomes a result of that care. Be at ease and let it take time. No guilt, just learning as we go. You’re doing great and I’m here to support you if I can. As always, reply back with any questions or comments. :)