Start with all the Yous

At the risk of sounding new-agey, have you ever felt like there was more than one you in you? And you’re right - we’re all made up of multiple aspects, each with needs, stories and wants. So I’m starting this new year by giving a nod to each member of the team.

Here’s my list - perhaps one piece or another will resonate with you.

The Bod

I’ll feed my body simple and nourishing food, and pause to notice it every now and again during the day. (Thirsty? Hungry? Need to pee or stretch? Deep breath or maybe a walk?)

The Mind

In a conversation, instead of thinking of what I’ll say next, I’ll listen, pause, and then reply with a follow-up question or reflection, rather than a “my turn” story.

The Heart

When I feel an emotion, I’ll name it, and wait to see what happens if I don’t automatically react, but just feel it. I’ll remember that feelings come and go and I always have choices about how to behave, including being still.

The Spirit

I’ll be on the lookout for exactly what I want to find - both in me and in the world, knowing that whatever I look for, I’ll find. (So I’ll look for the good stuff, of course!)

A Good Day

I’ll start each day with a simple intention - something positive and doable, maybe from this list.

I’ll end each day with a bit of praise for myself and gratitude for someone else.