What, When or How?

Eat food slowly.

Seriously - that simple thing is a really big deal. Most of us - especially emotional eaters, but also regular busy people - eat fast, often while multitasking. So whether you’re eating the best stuff - highly nutritious, gorgeous whole food - or a bacon fried onion double cheese burger - either way, your body can’t do what it needs to do if coming in too fast. That means that lots of the benefits of the good stuff are lost, and all of the natural signals around the heavy, rich stuff are completely missed. In stress (fast, mindless eating), your metabolism goes into lock-down.

Try this. Instead of spending energy on what to eat, or when to eat, just focus on how you’re eating. For a single bite, a meal, a day or a whole week - see what happens when you eats—l—o—w—l—y. 

If judgements or emotions come up in the space (or more like when they come up), allow them, be kind, and feel proud you’re trying something new and healthy. Yay: you!