Eat Whatever you Feel Like

If you’re paying attention in this culture we live in, you’ve probably come to think of your body as a kind of improvement project. Make this bigger, that smaller, stretch a bit longer here. These messages are coming at us from all sides, so much so that we start to play them automatically in our head. (My daughter was three or four when she “realized” that pretty = blonde. Yes, my heart sank that day.)

So let’s remember what our body is: it’s the natural expression of ourselves. It’s bones, muscles, blood and organs that enable us to be alive, regardless of how hard our abs are, or where we do or don’t want hairs. We see, taste, hug!

And food is, well, it’s how we get to keep on being alive and well. (Thanks, food!)

But when that viral and perpetual improvement loop gets in the way, food becomes a means to work on trying for that “ideal” body. Or it becomes a way to rebel against all that control and restriction. (Exercise plays this game too - do we do it to LOOK better? or to FEEL better and LIVE better? Hmmmm. Ask yourself.)

Bottom line is we get really busy making decisions based on what we see, not so busy noticing what we feel

When you start to FEEL your body, your choices will naturally change. When you treat your body like a vulnerable living thing that depends on your care, you end up wanting different things than you did before. Instead of the “getting away with” or the “I CANNOT be trusted around ice cream” mentality, you can feel free to have whatever you want. Whatever feels right - body, mind, whole lovely self. 

Start to feel your tongue, stomach, digestive tract, energy level, emotional state, thought patterns - and after, see if what you want shifts maybe just a little bit.