But, Why?!

There’s a lot (a lot a lot) of information coming at us all the time from the world outside - and even inside our own heads. Do this, not that, be this way, try that… and on and on and on. Yes, from my newsletter, too. For me, I’m a happy recipient when I’m able to choose thoughtfully what I let in, and filter away the rest. I really do like to hear about new recipes and ideas, workouts and places to go or things to try. Do I actually do them all? Not even close!

And that’s okay. It’s okay to be where and exactly how you are right now. You don’t have to do anything or be anything more than you are. No guilt, excuse or apology needed. Can you choose to reach for something? Try something? Work on something? Sure! But please know that you don’t have to to be enough. You’re enough right now, making all the choices you make for good and smart reasons.

My reminder for you today is one I often repeat to myself. Health is not the goal. I mean, who cares about being healthy just for the sake of it? So what?? But health is one of the big things that helps you reach your goals - whatever they are for incredible you. 

We eat lots of veggies so our immune systems are strong. We move so our bones, hearts and muscles are strong. We breathe and stretch so our minds and joints are supple. But that’s not a victory in and of itself.

The really good part is what happens next… what amazing things will you do with that body and mind? How will you expand into the freedom that you’ve created? That’s the fun part.