Two Little (Big) Things

Summer’s time to shift into a slower gear, and it’s put me in a back-to-basics mood. I have two thoughts to share. Little things that - with awareness and intention - can become big deal things.

1. Eat Slowly. No matter what it is or where you are, sit down, pull over, turn off the screen and take time. Taste, feel, smell. Eating in a relaxed state has really big benefits for your digestion - you absorb more nutrients, you feel when you’re full, and you turn on your calorie-burning furnace. For extra credit: take one long breath in and out before you start, and one more when you’re done. Seriously - try it and see how you feel (can be harder than it seems!).

2. Give Yourself the Benefit of the Doubt. There’s no good or bad food, good or bad you, or right or wrong choice. There’s just the thing you choose among many options. Sometimes it’s obvious why we pick the one we pick, and sometimes the reason’s hiding a little deeper. Either way, it’s a real, honest reason - not good, not bad. Drop the judgement - even the “I’ve been so good today!” and get off that punish/praise roller coaster. Extra credit here: when you feel that should-I or shouldn’t-I judgmental buzz swirling, pause to get in touch with your most evolved self - your wisest, calmest you - and ask that part of you what to do. Even if that’s not what you choose, that’s totally okay. Just noticing the process without using words like good and bad is a big deal.