It Can be Hard to Count to One

A change in seasons, finally! Spring is so bone-deep good, isn’t it? Warm sun. Mud. Open windows. And, to me, a kind of manic sense of stuff to do.

On a daily basis, I’ll bet you hold a pretty long list of to-dos in your head, that seem to appear overnight, especially in the spring. (I know I do!) I can get running from thing to thing, tagging them all, but getting nothing done, and feeling like a wreck. And the worst part? The lists and divided attention cause me to miss a beautiful day.

I rescue myself by counting to one. Pick just one thing to do, to focus on, to think about. In the world of multi-tasking and always-on screens, it’s out of fashion, I guess. But the intention is all you need, just the attempt.

Try it and see what happens for you. Choose one thing to do, and then do it. Then when your thoughts or body start zooming around your list, simply come back to your one thing. Remind yourself what you’re doing, what you chose, and then stay with it. When you’re done, have a little celebration (woohoo for one!!) by making tea or looking at the view or just smiling at your fabulous self. Then start again with one thing.

It’s humbling how something so small, so near invisible, can change my day for the better. Instead of living in a whirl of my own creation, caught up in all the to dos, all going at once, I count to one. I hope you’ll try and let me know how you do.