Get Fit in 12 Minutes

Historically, we would exercise as a way of survival. Hunting a rabbit wouldn’t require 45 minutes in your heart rate training zone three times a week. It would require multiple sprints that would last about a minute, followed by periods of rest while you wait for the rabbit to show again. A natural fitness level was achieved after a handful of attempts sprinting after the rabbit followed by subsequent periods of rest and recovery.
To stay young and healthy we want to have the ability for our heart rate to go up (and catch the rabbit) and then to function at rest with the incredible efficiency of a low resting heart rate. Let’s train for exactly that.

This twelve minute routine can be performed daily or a minimum of 3x/week. You can use this as your entire workout or as a warm up before yoga, a bike ride or hiking.
Step One: Warm up - 2 minutes At an easy pace, walk, jog, bike ride.
Step Two: Sprint - 1 minute Go faster, at a mini sprint pace.  Don’t push too much. Choose a pace that you can sustain for the whole minute.
Step 3: Recovery - 1 minute Slow down to the warm up pace.
Step 4: Second Sprint - 1 minute Sprint again, a little faster if you can. Sprints can be running up and down your stairs, jumping jacks, jumping on and off a curb – just get the exertion level up.
Step 5: Second Recovery - 1 minute Recover at the warm up pace.
Step 6: Continue Sprints and Recoveries - 4 minutes total Do two more rounds of sprint/recovery for one minute each.
Step 7: Cool Down - 2 minutes Repeat the warm-up (exercise slowly).

When you sprint, you produce Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which decreases after we turn 30 and is the fountain of youth if there ever was one.