Eating Mindfully

Before you eat, pause for a second so you can make a conscious choice. Are you actually hungry? What will most nourish your body right now? Food, or something else? Rest, maybe? Water? Take a breath and listen to your body to find the answer. *I know, this may seem kinda out there at first. We’re used to making choices either on auto-pilot or from our head, our thinking mind, not from the feeling of our body. Keep at it - it’ll get easier.

Then when you do make a decision to eat, go for it without second-guesses or guilt.

Eat with all your senses. Taste, of course, but also see, smell, and feel the food as you eat. Enjoy the experience to it’s fullest, without distraction. If you can’t give eating your attention, then save it until you can - it tastes way better then too.

After you’re done eating, take a breath or two to reconnect with your body (after all, that’s where the food went, right?). Do you feel satisfied? Over-full? Still hungry? What about your emotions? Can you connect what you just ate with any of your physical or emotional feelings? Gently, without judgement, learn what you can for next time. Keep your mind curious, not critical - these are lessons, not exams.