Claim Your Day from the Start

Now that fall has settled in, mornings have gotten colder and darker, and all that easy summer bounty is gone until next year, breakfast can get derailed. It’s easier to hit the snooze button, grab a bar, gulp a bowl of cereal, some coffee and hit the day running.

It feels fine - until around about 10:00 when you’re starving. And slumping. And it feels like forever until lunch and a break.

Remember my advice a while back to be nice to your future self? Here’s a perfect chance to practice. Take a few minutes at the start of the day, and your reward will be an easier start to the day, happier body, and steadier energy.

Before you get out of bed and you rush into thinking and doing mode, take ONE DEEP BREATH. And don’t even try to play the don’t-have-time card. You have time for one breath with no multitasking. I promise you do. Breathe in gratitude for being here. Having another go at a whole day. Think: Wow, I’m lucky. Breath out patience. Start with yourself - you’re a star. It’ll all work out. Think: I’m enough.

Get your body started with a small glass of water - add a splash of lemon juice for a mini cleanse. Leave a glass by your bathroom sink if that’s easier. We all wake up dehydrated and believe it or not, water first is a thrill for your bod. (Such a simple pleasure!)

Eat some food.
Have a slice or two of whole grain bread - or a good fall apple - with almond or peanut butter on it. Sprinkle cinnamon and honey if you like (and why wouldn’t you?).
Or go for 1/2 avocado smooshed on bread with salt and pepper.
Maybe some good leftovers from dinner (breakfast doesn’t have to be sweet).
Soak 1/2 cup oats in a cup of almond milk or water the night before - add frozen berries, nuts, molasses or maple syrup… It’s a gift to your morning, waiting in the fridge for you.
Try some nutty granola (not too sweet or oily) and berries.

Have coffee or tea if that’s your thing - turns out there’s a lot of good there. (Be a little stingy with the milk and sugar part.)

Now… now that you’ve done first things first… go have a great day.