I’m Diana Pagnucco,

a Healthy Living Coach based in

southern Vermont.


And if you don’t know what that is, don’t feel bad, I didn’t either – coaches are a pretty new thing (well, outside of sports that is). I help people live healthier. Body, mind and emotions all working together to create a balanced, strong and happy you.

That might mean learning how food can help you shed extra weight, reduce or eliminate a chronic condition, and ramp up your energy. Or it might mean untangling the thoughts and feelings around emotional eating, or resistance to exercise. It starts when you trade the battle/control mindset (the you that wants cookies v. the you that hates you for eating them) with gentleness and curiosity.  You're a perfect work in progress, and learning is fun.

My Business

Unofficially, I founded GreenStartHealth in 1995 when I got into the people-making business (ie: I got pregnant with my first baby). I wanted to answer one basic but ridiculously confusing question: how does a person become - and stay - healthy? What's the right food? Exercise? And what about life's chronic stress?

I read and listened and practiced. I enrolled in IIN and officially launched GSH to share what I discovered - what I continue to discover.

Drink water. Eat more vegetables. Move with joy. Breathe. Listen to your feelings. Care for your body.

Easy, right? Yeah, right. Not so much. Change can be hard. But it's doable, and the only way you need to know how is your way. Not your paleo friend, Soul Cycle sister or yogi coworker. Just you. Remember when you were so healthy, you totally took it for granted? That's what I'm talking about, my friend.

People less bad-ass than you are doing it, and so can you. I'm on board to help.

Check out my blog and recipe page (if you subscribe, I'll email you the new ones), or follow me on FB, Instagram, or Pinterest (yes, old dogs can learn new tricks). If you want to connect directly, please click here or use the contact tab to pop me an email. 

I’ve experienced MAJOR changes in my physical and mental awareness around my body and emotions. Through this process, I feel like I’ve been liberated from my emotional eating habits... meaning that I can now identify and work through triggers as they arise and lead to behaviors I don’t want. It’s absolutely liberating be able to stop and have a meaningful conversation with myself to reflect on why I’m doing what I’m doing. I now understand how my everyday life impacted my food and exercise choices -stressful day at work led to me shutting down, letting the stress become overwhelming. I gained the ability to understand why I’m feeling different emotions and deal with as they arise... and that’s more than I could have asked for. I feel like I’m the road to success - thank you!
— Chelsea
Diana is a transformer and life-changer. Her focus is on making you the best YOU that you can be, both inside and out. We’re working together to tackle a 20 plus year problem relationship with food with very deep rooted patterns, and Diana’s more than up for the challenge. She’s patient, non-judgemental, deeply knowledgeable, always tactical, completely focused on my needs in each moment, and contagiously passionate about health. Diana is also loving, gentle, strong and supportive. I’ve learned so much, and although I’m still in the trenches and addressing my deep rooted patterns, I know I’ll ultimately find freedom.
— Sally
I never had enough time or energy to take care of myself. But after working with Diana, I feel hopeful now - I loved it all. It was a perfect balance of nutritional/emotional/spiritual information sharing. I appreciated the HUGE emotional support.
— Leslie
I finished the Six-Month Transformation at a perfect time with Spring almost here to get active, eat well and be healthy. Now I have much better awareness, improved energy, I’ve lost some weight, and feel less cranky. I like the way we covered all aspects of health and nutrition, to help me understand the “why”, not just the “how”.
— Greg
I lost five pounds in two weeks doing the Reboot and have kept it off through the holidays!
— Berthe
I’d lost sight of what was healthy for me to eat – I wasn’t paying attention or being mindful of what I was putting into my body. After Diana’s two-week Mind + Body Reboot, I’ve lost five pounds, feel less sluggish, and like I’m really eating healthy, nutritious food. Diana’s wisdom and support kept me focused.
— Cindy
I hesitated to sign up because I didn’t know if I could really be open and honest with someone I don’t know. Diana made me feel comfortable and that I would never be judged. She never felt like a stranger. I’d recommend her without hesitation!
— Susan
I’ve reconnected with myself and moved closer to the front of the line. I reached my goals of losing 12 pounds and lowering my blood pressure to a healthy place (without medication). I have better control of my food choices now. Diana offered me love, insight, availability, recipes, encouragement, ears and patience. Her nonjudgmental approach gave me a sense of safety, and I now feel less afraid of change. She also set me up with lots of reading and cooking resources; I’m having fun with my new dishes.
— Barb
I signed up for the six month program to better understand healthy foods, lose a little weight, and decrease my alcohol consumption: all goals that I met. Diana provided valuable information all with a positive attitude. I feel more aware of my food and body, and enjoy feeling less hungry, more satisfied than before I started the program. Diana listens kindly, and clearly cares about my issues. I’d recommend her program to anyone who wants to improve their health.
— Martha
I’m amazed at the change in my relationship with food. Usually a “diet” lasts a few days, then I’m onto something else. This program is so much more than that. Looking back, I can’t believe how I used to eat! Diana not only inspired me, but now I’m inspiring my family, friends and co-workers to be on this healthy journey. I’ve lost 8 pounds so far (in a healthy way), lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure, and increased my energy. People around me have commented on my weight loss, or that my skin looks great, or my hair… all due to whole foods! I used to jump from one fad diet to the next without any results and feeling miserable. I finally had enough and realized I needed someone to help me focus on what’s important. Diana did that and much more. She has vast knowledge and an easy way about her, which made the sessions enjoyable.
— Sharon
I’ve lost 38 pounds and feel much better! I’ve eliminated one of my prescription medications and I feel empowered to continue to make more positive changes in my life. My energy, fitness level and self-esteem are all improved. Diana has been awesome – she is positive, encouraging and a delight to be around. She is a wealth of information and an excellent teacher and coach.
— Karen
Diana’s coaching has left me feeling more grounded and in charge of my food choices. I have new strategies for shopping and cooking; my allergic symptoms are gone! My good health has increased my quality of life. I now understand and have worked through my emotional eating issues. Rather than trying to fix me, Diana coached me to find and reinforce my own inner strength. Anyone who’s serious about taking charge of their own health with a supportive, challenging and knowledgeable coach full of helpful resources would do well working with Diana. Thank you!!
— Beth