Hi. I’m Diana Pagnucco. .

It's nice to have you here.

Let me tell you a little bit about what I do and Why.

We communicate with our body by what we put into it and what we do with it - food, movement, thoughts, and breath - and all this information adds up over time to become our health. We have a lot of control, and, with that, a lot of responsibility.

Our body also communicates with us - physical and emotional symptoms - asking us to notice that something somewhere needs attention. We've come up with lots of effective ways to stop symptoms, but we're not as good at finding - and fixing - causes.

Unofficially, I started this work in 1995 when I got into the people-making business (I got pregnant with my first baby). I was incubating a brain and organs - gulp - and that got me motivated to take care of my health. Two babies off to high school later, in 2012, I launched a health coaching practice and blog called GreenStartHealth. And in 2017, I added meal planning and cooking classes with Leaves and Twigs. 

It takes time, and really, there's no finish line. Figuring out how to be healthy isn't easy, and there's nothing wrong with you that you're not there yet. But it's doable, and gets easier as you go. I've come a long way myself, but still learn more every day. Start where you are and take one step. I'm here to help.