HEALTH (noun) =

1. What your body gets when you eat good food, move in ways that feel fun, practice self care, and get outside every day;

2. The state of having strong immunity to disease, high energy and a calm mind.


Kind of the physical holy grail, right? Finding balance isn't easy, and there's no guilt or judgement if you've lost the trail a little over the years. It happened while you were busy with other things, and that's okay. The beauty of your human body: it'll respond eagerly to changes you make at any age, no matter where you're starting.

Maybe you feel low energy, stressed, or maybe some more serious symptoms. No matter what, you're where you are for real, honest reasons. Shifting starts when you see each choice you make as a clue, rather than something to fight. Even if (especially if!) those choices totally frustrate or baffle you.

This is what I do: I'm part coach, part detective, part teacher. I help people sort out the tangles and confusion around being well, so you feel like yourself in your body again. Including chocolate. Have a look around, and reach out any time. :)